Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur and it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. At Bark Busters, we can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.

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Informative, Value added, Real-time improvement! […]

Shelbi | Houston

Mason came today prepared and ready to help Kai. He gave us the tools to succeed and Kai was already showing improvements. We are excited to accomplish Kai's homework and see more improvement. […]

Victoria | Houston

We worked with Mason on our dog's barking and jumping. We noticed a huge difference in his behavior. We have worked with other companies before and never seen such fast results. […]

Elle | Houston

Amazing service and training session. We already see improvement in just one session! […]

Charles | Houston

Five star rating. […]

Eric | Houston

Mason was excellent in helping us learn how to work with our three dogs. I was thoroughly impressed by the progress that was made in just a few hours. We will finally be able to enjoy going for walks […]

Tina | Houston

Mason Came today for our three small puppies because of their growing pains and aggression. He was extremely professional, clever, and funny. Our dogs responded immediately at we saw a difference at […]

Leah | Houston

Saw a difference in my dogs right away. Mason was very informative and helpful. I really found it helpful with the training aids. […]

Abdullah | Houston

The trainer is knowledgeable and we learned a lot from the lesson. […]

Yunrui | Houston
David & Cathy

Mason did a great job of providing coaching on how to correct the dog. Both dogs responded extremely well. We look forward to seeing continued progress. […]

David & Cathy | Houston
Walter and Sharana

My baby dog is untrained and he reacted the way I knew he would, he is very stubborn so i know its going to take time and patience. I feel this would be an excellent fit to get him where i need him to […]

Walter and Sharana | Humble

Mason is awesome!! He did an outstanding job in explaining dog behaviors and to help me understand what I had to do as the owner to make a more relaxing environment for both of us. It didn't take long […]

Brian | Houston

Mason helped us with our dog's constant jumping and barking at anything and everything. We noticed a huge difference in their behavior almost immediately. We are very impressed and would recommend […]

Jessica | Houston

The training was thorough and by the end of the session our dog was on the road to breaking his bad habits. Would recommend this to any concerned dog parent! […]

Dan | Houston

Mason came in our home and really helped us with our 4 year old German Shepherd, Junie. Within a few hours, Junie was relaxed with Mason, understanding her training, and not pulling on her leash when […]

Cami | Houston

I want to thank Mason for a relaxed and fun training session for Milo and myself. He spent alot of time leading the behavioral change and then allowing me to do it. I certainly appreciate all the […]

Gina | Houston

Mason is amazing!! I cannot express how amazed I was with the work Mason did with my 8 month old standard poodle Haifa after just 1 lesson!! He was able to show me how to take control & stop […]

Rachel | Houston, Harris

Mason did an amazing job with our two dogs, Rosey and Chewy! He taught our family dog training techniques and in a short time, we’re already seeing a difference in their behavior. We’re getting […]

Kristine | Houston

Amazing training session with Mason. Specifically designed for My baby, Mango. Addressed all of the issues Mango and I were experiencing. I saw miraculous results in just 1 day. It takes work on our […]

Eileen | Houston

I can't say enough how much this helped us speak dog! We had an immediate behavior change with Mason and how he guided us to work with Finneas. We continue to follow his instructions and even […]

Caycee | Houston

I was reserved weather or not out issues (barking and aggression) could be dealt with but already saw improvement on our dogs straight away. I feel confident our dogs and us will grow a stronger bond […]

Anne | Houston

Mason was great! In just a few hours we saw a huge difference in our two dogs behaviors! We tried another training service before this and this has already been more impressive in a shorter time. […]

Schlea | Houston

The experience was amazing! Mango and I learned so much. In one session I already see miraculous improvements. I highly recommend Bark Busters and Mason! […]

Eileen | Houston

Mason was great. He was super informative, patient and very professional. He has a calm style that makes it easy for owner and puppy to learn together! […]

Rebeca | Houston

Very excited with the progress made in just a few hours. We feel confident with moving forward! […]

Caryn | Houston

Immediate improvement. I didn't expect our dogs to be receptive but they warmed up to Mason and accepted the training. His guidance was very helpful in how to go forward. This will help foster those […]

Teresa | Houston

We now have a plan of action and know how to respond to the barking! Even in the first few hours you see a change in your dogs behavior! […]

Surya | Houston
Jose & David

Clear, concise and easy to follow! […]

Jose & David | Houston

Our first lessons went great. I saw improvements in my dog's behavior within just a few hours! I'm very impressed with the knowledge, patients and friendliness of our trainer! […]

Cassie | Houston

Mason was great with mt dog. He picked up the commands Mason taught me very quickly. I would highly recommend. […]

Christine | Houston

Mason was awesome! Lemon was receptive and we quickly saw results in the first session. Glad to have found Bark Busters. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to better understand their dogs […]

Paloma | Houston

Mason is as wonderful as he is handsome. Very easily understood. I saw a noticeable difference in Cupcake. I am very pleased with the results after one training session. I would recommend Bark Busters […]

Cynthia | Houston
Elizabeth & Joseph

The first session was extremely helpful for teaching us how to address both of our dogs issues. We saw noticeable improvement at the first session and very helpful to see how the dogs continue to […]

Elizabeth & Joseph | Houston

Mr. Mason was very easy to work with. He was concise and taught me how to deal with the problems we were having. I would highly recommend him as a trainer! […]

Lucila | Bellaire

Very impressed with my overall experience! Mason was so helpful and extremely knowledgeable on not only Cookie's behaviors, but other aspects like how to make sure her diet is proper and making sure […]

Hannah | Houston

We LOVE Bark Busters!! We rescued a little rat terrier/chihuahua mix and had problems with her growling at our guests and strangers in public. She also went nuts when we would leave and would bark […]

Hannah | Houston

Boomer was able to pick up on corrective behaviors right away. My training session has been very informative and I felt confident working with Mason will be really great to getting Boomer and Prince […]

Phylicia | Houston

Mason was extremely helpful. He worked with me and my three teenagers so we understood the fundamentals of communicating with our dogs. He spent a lot of time understanding our concerns and provided a […]

Megan | Houston

Mason was great! He answered all of our questions, listened to our concerns and gave us great exercises to practice where we could see results right away - HIGHLY RECOMMEND! […]

Bianca | Houston

Mason is an amazing trainer and we were impressed with how out dogs behavior improved. He is so knowledgeable and he is very patient when he explains everything. Thank you so much, we are very happy […]


I am in utter disbelief. Mason came yesterday. Currently I am sitting on the couch with my dog watching fireworks and she is not going ballistic! Mason is an excellent trainer… and who knew my […]

Kim | Humble

I have 2 difficult dachshunds with aggression among other issues, and 1 frenchie puppy. I was tired and overwhelmed and decided to invest in training. I couldn’t be happier with Mason and the […]

Camila | Houston

Bark Busters are the best our trainer Mason was very detailed with everything and we think Max will be okay with a little consistency ‼️ […]

Lakeisha | Houston

I can’t recommend Mason enough! I have two dogs, a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I had so many questions and Mason answered them all, patiently and knowledgeably. He was both attentive and observant […]

Lexi | Houston

I can’t recommend Mason enough! I have two dogs, a 4 year old and a 4 month old. I had so many questions and Mason answered them all, patiently and knowledgeably. He was both attentive and observant […]

Lexi | Houston

Our Standard Schnauzer puppy was getting out of control. Biting, nipping, barking, jumping everywhere in the house. While walking, he used to pull the leash very strongly and get overly excited when […]

Enrique | Houston, Harris

I was shocked at how different my dogs behaved within the first hour! Just with the first correction we learned and they immediately calmed down and took to it. Thank you Mason! […]

Jennifer | Houston

Mason was super attentive and gave us great tools to help us learn how to train Franklin. We are excited to see how he progresses! […]

Taryn | Houston

This training session was great and Mason is an awesome trainer! I saw notable improvement in my dogs' barking where he would bark at anything that moves. And I also saw an incredible improvement on […]

Kelsey | Houston

Excellent session! Both dogs were very responsive. […]

Stephen | Houston

The trainer was great! Very professional and provided feedback about how to train and work with all three dogs at the same time. Dogs seemed to feel comfortable and began to show improvement during […]

Diedra | Houston

The lesson was extremely practical. Mason was spot on in addressing all our concerns. My whole family and I felt like we got a VIP training. After the first session we felt the relief of knowing Otto […]

Enrique | Houston

Mason Erwin corrected my puppy’s challenging behaviors quickly and patiently and provided a great experience for my pet and me. I highly recommend Bark Busters and Mason Irwin! […]

Linda | Houston

Mason was amazing!! My two chihuahuas were a little aggressive towards other dogs and would bark so much whenever someone would come to the door or when someone would get near me. He was able to help […]

Irma | Houston

I gained a decent level of confidence in my ability to help my dogs! […]

Greta | Houston

Professionally done! Patient with you and well explained training! […]

Rodolfo | Houston

Mason arrived on time and ready to help, with our 2 Boston terrier brothers. He spent 2 hours helping and observing and giving us feed back in the moment to help with behavioral issue. We have started […]

Aishling | Houston

Bean struggles with understanding personal space and anxiety on walks. We loved Masons' training with his fake dog and how to reclaim our space while on the couch. I am looking forward to doing our […]

Sophia | Houston

Mason was great! I already see some changes in her! I am excited to see her change with this training! […]

Jordan | Houston
Jason and Carol

Great training session!! Noticeable improvement on day one! […]

Jason and Carol | Houston

Both dog and owner took away practices to use everyday in our initial lesson. Saw noticeable changes right away! […]

Gregory | Houston

A fun session with lots of great information and tips!! […]

Nicola | Houston

Mason was able to train my dog very quickly. He is very friendly and answered all the questions I had. I will definitely recommend him to anyone needing a dog trainer! […]

Allison | Houston

Noticeable improvement in separation anxiety. Also big improvement in behavior and on the leash. […]

Jason | Houston

Mason was very informative and made the lesson easy to understand and learn in a stress free way. Super excited to begin the homework and see the progress. […]

Andrea | Houston
John and Donna

A lot of helpful guidance and pointers for getting our dog to correct her behavior at the door and bringing down her aggression towards strangers in out home. WIll keep working on the exercises. Mason […]

John and Donna | Houston

Mason did a great job helping my husband and me train our two year old Australian Shepard. He was thorough in his explanations and was able to help us in the moment. We loved that he took the time to […]

Sloane | Houston
Raj and Kavita

Extremely thorough services provided. Mason was very attentive to out concerns and helped coach us throigh details of managing our pet. […]

Raj and Kavita | Bellaire

We were impressed by the attention and information provided. After one session I am already feeling more confident in helping my dog live happily in a human world. […]

Rene | Houston

Mason was great!! I felt much better after session because I have the tools to control my dogs. Mason was vert patient & understanding. […]

Nellie | Houston

Mason listened to our dog issues and provided hands-on training for each issue. we saw immediate change on our dogs behaviors. […]

Sherri | Houston

Mason was a miracle worker with my dog Sasha. Fearing I was stuck with an eternal puppy that would not listen and chewed everything in sight, Mason transformed my dog into the dog I always knew she […]

Tammy | Houston

Mason Erwin with Barkbusters has done absolute wonders with my dog!! Literally after just two sessions she has turned her bad behaviors around and is now a wonderful, sweet and obedient dog. She went […]

Leticia | Houston

Bandit was very receptive to the training. The information about how dogs think is very helpful and insightful. I look forward to seeing the full development of my fur baby from this training. […]

Malikah | Houston

Mason was attentive and took time to listen to our concerns with Liesl. Training at home provided additional value. The exercises were well thought out and tailored for Liesl's behavior which was […]

Elizabeth | Houston

Mason is personable and patient, the instruction is simple and logical. He teaches effective communication which has resulted in a significant positive difference in my pup’s behavior after the […]

John | Houston

Mason arrived on time for our appointment. Our dog Tex was immediately at ease with him, and drawn to his friendly, yet commanding voice. His instruction for us was so simple, but so effective..... […]

Larry | Bellaire
Brett & Michelle

We are very happy with the exercises and style that Mason brought. He is very knowledgeable and both of our dogs immediately responded to the instructions and corrections. Definitely a good template […]

Brett & Michelle | houston

After learning a few of the training techniques, I could see 100% improvement in my dog already just after 2 short hours. I feel as if this training will definitely get the job done. […]

Karley | houston

Noticed a difference in behavior just a few minutes after demonstration. We also received homework to do. Mason left a line of communication open and I look forward to seeing the improvement in our […]

Samantha | Stafford

The session was very informative, easy to follow with amazing results. We thank Marc for knowledgable results. We now have a dih that behaves and understands us. Thank you! […]

Candy | West Palm Beach

I adopted a rescue dog from our local shelter with some really bad habits. I had another trainer who told me to "just live with it". I knew that was impossible. After just 3 hours with Donna, Lucy and […]

Meghan | Houston, Harris

My husband came home with a 9 week old puppy in January and boy were we in over our heads! After a lot a research and much consideration, we decided to go with Bark Busters for our puppy training & […]

Stephanie | Houston

Donna is an experienced, calm, patient teacher. She worked wonders for our yellow lab puppy. He went from a crazy dominant boy to an obedient, loving dog. Highly recommend […]

William | Houston, Harris

Working with Donna has been great! I saw immediate results after the first session. She has been so helpful especially because I am a first time dog owner. I have really enjoyed working with her. […]

Lexi | Houston, Harris

Donna did some amazing work with my 1 year old pug, Ernie. I was very overwhelmed with him and Donna transformed everything for me! The biggest issues were his separation anxiety and just getting him […]

JILL | Houston

Donna is a magician! I have 2 rescue shepherds and Donna is helping me to socialize and train them. My adult rescue ran upstairs and was too scared to come back down, even for food. Donna miraculously […]

Sarah | Houston, Harris

We contacted Bark Busters after our three dogs had turned into a pack and we were struggling to get back control. Donna came out twice and the results have been incredible. We worked on leash walking, […]

Sarah | Houston

My husband and I recently adopted a rescue puppy. We needed help with basic household manners and commands. Cooper stays in the city during the week but goes with us to the country on weekends. The […]

Linda | Houston

Donna Smith was very helpful for the training and behavioral issues we were experiencing. Within 20 minutes of our first session, my dog was calm and receptive to the training methods she introduced. […]

Latoisha | Houston

Donna really helped us find how to meet Phoebe's (and our) needs. She is much less frightened and barks at neighbors less frequently. I recommend Donna for your training needs. […]

Tom | Houston

The training and trainer, Donna Smith, were excellent. It was a real eye opener about really understanding my dogs and learning simple techniques that helped me to communicate with my dogs. I would […]

Colleen | Houston

Training by Donna of Bark Busters was excellent! Our dogs were already obedient to the commands we had taught them, but they struggled with anxiety, pacing, and excessive nudging for our attention. […]

Paige | Houston

Donna is a miracle worker! We knew our rescue dog Max had the potential to be a good dog, but we had trouble learning how to get there until we met Donna. In a few short hours she taught us how to […]

Pamela | Houston

Donna gives such great direction with my dog, Lizzie. Before getting dog training, I was frustrated and angry with Lizzie. I decided to use Bark Busters because I read their website and believe in the […]

Ashley | Houston

I really was surprised as to how quick the training started to work. Donna Smith was so nice and easy to work with, I feel like I have a new friend and my dogs were very comfortable with her. […]

Dolores | Houston

We contacted Bark Busters shortly after adopting our 2.5 year old, Mia. Although Mia is sweet, she needed to learn a lot of manners in and out of the house. Donna gave us tips to begin correcting her […]

Aimee | Houston

It's challenging to train 2 GSD-mix 4 month old puppies, but Donna gave me useful pointers in training these high energy pups. Each day with the pups brings new discoveries, challenges and joys. I'm […]

Lily | Pasadena

Donna is absolutely brilliant with dogs! We have 2 young Boxers who are lovable and friendly creatures, but they really need to learn better manners. Our concerns were mainly to stop them from jumping […]

Mary | Houston

Harry Potter was new to our home & had problems with resource guarding. Donna was great and worked with us to help us all adjust to people & activity in our home & neighborhood. […]

Angela | Houston
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