Dog Owners Reviews of Dog Training Houston TX

I am always looking for a recommendation for my clients -- they will appreciate the fact that force/treats are not used!
Katherine P., Houston 6th September 2007

My dogs responded immediately to the voice commands and did well on the leash training. I like the natural training methods without treats.
Mary W., Houston 6th September 2007

I'm in love with my dog again! Jim and Donna were very professional and easy to work with.
Fred A., Houston 18th August 2007

Mr. & Mrs. Smith were great. I could tell what they were teaching me was effective within twenty minutes of their visit. I am very pleased with how well Fedor has responded to this method. It makes sense. Donna and Jim are very knowledgeable about what they do. Donna has even made an appointment to meet me at the dog park to work on long- distance attentiveness training with all the chaos of the dog park. I highly recommend Bark Busters, especially Donna and Jim Smith. Thank you.
Melissa, Stafford 10th July 2007

We saw fast results in a short period of time. Donna was very clear at communicating ideas and techniques.
David M., Houston 5th June 2007

Donna did an excellent job explaining the training techniques and theory behind them. She was very patient with me and very kind to my dog. My dog stopped jumping up on people and was much easier to control on the leash during walks.
Jennifer B., Houston, TX 8th March 2007

I have 11 dogs that go to work with me, and they start barking every time a customer comes in. In the past, I have tried many different trainers and techniques but nothing worked no other trainer was able to stop my dogs from barking. Donna & Jim spent about 2 hours with me and my dogs and now they are being good when customers come in and out. I am now your biggest fan. My customers have noticed the difference in my dogs, and they love it. From now on I will be sending you all my customers.
Grace Horton-Olmos, Carlisle's Salon & Suites, Hou, -Olmos, Carlisle's Salon & Suites, Houston 7th April 2006

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